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Winter Whale Watch Week – Cap off Your Christmas Vacation at the Oregon Coast

Did you know that Gray Whales:

  • Have the longest migration of any mammal: 10,000 miles a year
  • Create a distinctive V-shaped spout because of the way the two blowholes on top of their head are shaped
  • Lack a dorsal fin
  • Can grow to 49 feet long and 33 tons
  • Are can be identified by their distinctive scars
  • Eat crustaceans scrapped off the sea floor
Whales will be the topic of conversation up and down the Oregon coast during Winter Whale Watch Week.  Scheduled from December 27th to 31st, Winter Whale Watch Week is the perfect time to go to any of the official Whale Watching points on the Oregon Coast, look for whales and ask questions of the volunteers.  The volunteers will be present from 10 am to 1 pm each day of Winter Whale Watch Week.
Here’s the official map of all the whale watching areas participating in Winter Whale Watch Week:

View Whale Watching Spoken Here in a larger map

There are Whale Watching sites in both Lincoln City and Depoe Bay, both close to all of Bella Beach Vacation Rentals’ vacation homes.

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