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Hotels VS Vacation Rentals – this trip to the coast stay a a cottage in Bella Beach!

Hotels Vs. Vacation Rentals

Maybe you’re not even aware of the hotels vs vacation rentals debate, but if you’re a traveler, this a a great time to learn. If you plan to check into a hotel for your next vacation, stop right there! Making hotel reservations, is not always the smartest and most cost-effective way to travel. Millions of people book hotel rooms each day because they don’t know of a better option. But a cozier and often cheaper one does exist. Travelers: say hello to vacation rental homes and goodbye to hotels!
Here are five reasons you should ditch the hotel and book a vacation home instead:

1. Choose wide, open spaces – not tiny, cramped hotel rooms

Many vacation rentals comfortably accommodate a whole family or just two. Shop around for your ideal square footage and number of bedrooms. A vacation rental guest is typically treated to full-sized kitchens and bathrooms, so if you’re traveling with the kids, a big group, or a family reunion it makes good sense to stay in one sizable vacation home – not several small hotel rooms (with several big bills).


2. Pamper your pooch, too!

Not all property owners welcome pets, but many do. Bella Beach Vacation Rentals homeowners love to have pets visit their homes. When is the last time you witnessed a dog or cat wandering around a hotel lobby? Pet-friendly vacation rentals are very common. Don’t pay the neighbor to feed Fluffy while you’re away; instead, bring your beloved four-legged family member along for the trip!

3. Lots of Amenities

Vacation rentals offer a slew of amenities that hotels simply do not. Personal hot tubs, Secured WiFi, Fire Pits, full kitchens, washer/dryers and sand even bicycles to ride around town on – the extras always surprise and may even save you money. Avoid expensive restaurants and dine in a few nights out of the week with the help of your spacious kitchen; enjoy flexible check-in and check-out times; and stay in a choice location that puts you within walking distance of attractions. When you book vacation rentals, you have decisions to make. When you book hotel rooms, the decisions have already been made for you. With even the most all-inclusive hotel packages, you are still missing out!


4. See the sights, not the sightseers

While you may be a tourist, you probably don’t want to hang out with other tourists. Hotel resorts are overwhelmed by out-of-towners. Not only is a vacation rental quieter and more private than a hotel, but staying in one makes it easy to immerse yourself into the local character of the city or town you’re visiting… and isn’t that the point? For those who enjoy the Vacation Rentals experience, remember we feature many privately-owned units located in a vacation community.                     


5. Support a small business

By booking a vacation rental, you’re helping finance a “Mom and Pop” operation, rather than a powerful, corporate hotel chain.

People all over the world have turned their second homes into your next home away from home. Luxury condos, chic studio’s,comfy beach homes, bay front cottages, and even carriage house welcome vacationers just like you year after year. Explore spots on the globe you never dreamed of visiting on a budget, and relax in the lap of luxury without emptying your bank account!
Discover what you’ve been missing and book a vacation rental with Bella Beach Vacation Rentals for your family getaway, first (or second) honeymoon, church retreat, wedding, or month-long sabbatical. Vacation rentals are so diverse that you will easily find one that suits your unique itinerary and the specific needs of your party, however large or small. The bottom line is a hotel is simply not where the heart is! Thanks to our vacation rentals owners, you can follow your heart and your wallet as you consider your choices for vacation accommodations.

Call Bella Beach Vacation Rentals today to discuss your families next vacation at a Vacation Rentals home, we are here 9 am to 10 pm daily at 541-921-8885.


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