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The 58th Annual Depoe Bay Salmon Bake

September is a fantastic month to treat your taste buds on the Oregon Coast.  In “Three Ways to Enjoy Lincoln City this Fall” we already established that September sees some of the best weather on the coast.  Enter The Depoe Bay Salmon Bake to the mix.

Just imagine the scene.  In the morning, a 12 foot long trench of wood is set on fire.  When the fire burns down to coals, man high alder stakes are split and slabs of Salmon – flavored with a little pepper and supported by cedar stakes – are set over the embers to cook for 45 minutes.  This is the traditional Indian salmon preparation that will be used at the Depoe Bay Salmon Bake – conveniently located 3 miles away from Bella Beach.

What: The 58th Annual Depoe Bay Salmon Bake
When: Saturday, September 21st
Where: 223 U.S. 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341
Tickets:  $18 in advance
More Information and purchase tickets: 541-765-2889



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