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How to Fly a Kite

Flying a kite brings back pleasant memories for me.  At one point in my childhood, my father and I took a yellow, smiley faced kite to the local park. We had a rough go of it at first.  The kite had a long black streamer for a tail which the wind kept using to spiral the kite head first into the ground.  A jury rigged second tail for stability did the trick and, unexpectedly, we had a true flying machine on our hands. Such a great flying machine, that I actually ran out of string on the roll. What a great day!

As it happens, the Oregon Coast has two of the most important ingredients for a successful kite flying day covered – a steady breeze and an area clear of trees and power lines.  (In fact, as a celebration of good winds, Lincoln City hosts an annual Summer Kite Festival at the end of June.) Now there are only two items left to gather for a good kite day – a kite and time to play. 
Want some ideas?  Here are some videos with a few more helpful hints and tricks for making the most of your kite flying excursion:
Simple enough, right?  The next time you enjoy a trip to the coast, consider making family memories with your own high flying adventure – and share the pictures with us on our Facebook page!


The Lincoln City Summer Kite Festival is June 28-29. Call Lisa at 541-921-8885 or visit our website www.bellabeachrentals.com to help plan your trip.  Homes are booking fast.  Call 541-921-8885 today!
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