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Lincoln City Glass Floats and Finders Keepers

What do artistic glass floats plus the Oregon coast add up to?  The answer is Lincoln City’s Finders Keepers of course!

Throughout the off season in Lincoln City, beautiful, one of a kind, glass floats are tucked away above the high tide mark on the 7 1/2 miles of public beach between the Cutler City and Road’s End sections of Lincoln City.  If you find a float, you keep it!

The 2014-2015 Finder Keepers kicks off October 18, 2014 and continues until Memorial Day weekend, 2015.

For more information on creating these glass masterpieces, take a tour of one of the many Lincoln City galleries featuring glass work.  Often, you will be able to talk to the artists and watch them in action.

Glass Art Studios
These are just a few of the many glass art studios and showrooms in Lincoln City.

Bella Beach Vacation Rentals has beach homes close to where Finder’s Keepers floats are hidden. While all our homes are in the Lincoln City area, Ebb and Flow, Ebb Tide, Honeysuckle Cottage and Cozy Cottage are all within walking distance of Finders Keepers! Call us to find out more or go to www.bellabeachrentals.com to view and reserve homes online. Lisa is available at 541-921-8885 9am to 10 pm to assist planning your trip. We are standing by to help you!

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