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Finder’s Keepers, Lincoln City’s Version of Hide and Seek

Take a moment and imagine you are hiding.  You are tucked up beside a clump of sea grass, passing the time listening to the waves shush in and out along the beach and watching the birds hop around on a nearby stack of driftwood.

You are waiting to be found.  How long?  As long as it takes.
This is the story of the Finder’s Keepers glass floats. Every year, between Mid-October and Memorial Day, glass floats blown by local artists are scattered above the high tide line on Lincoln City’s beaches waiting for someone to take them home.

When you find a float, call the Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB), 800-452-2151 or 541-996-1274, and register your float to recieve a Certificate of Authenticity and information about the artists who crafted your float.

Finder’s Keepers begins October 13, 2013
Where: Lincoln City Beaches – between the high tide line and the seawall


Lincoln City Tourism Spot | Try Something New from Cody Cha on Vimeo.

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